Haynes the Musician.

In 1987 Kevin Haynes performed his first jazz gig as a percussionist with the flautist Phil Bent and his band. After a few shows with Phil's band saxophonist Steve Williamson asked Haynes to do some shows with his band. Haynes worked with the Wiliamson band from 1987 to 1993. During those 5 years Kevin started to meet and perform with other young and older jazz musicians in London. Those include: Clifford Jarvis, Ed Jones, The Jazz Warriors, Ed Bently, Jean Toussaint, Alan Weeks, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Courtney Pine, Clade Deppa, Orphy Robinson, Alex Wilson, David Jean-Baptist, Roger Boujale, David Puttman, Wiliam Cumberbache.
1990. Haynes began percussion classes with Baba Sheder, Director of Osumare Brazilian Theatre Company. 1993 He went to Havana, Cuba, to study Afro Cuban Folkloric music and dance, Making five more trips to Cuba in 94, 96, 97, 99 and 2003. While in Cuba Haynes studied with Angelo Bolanos, Armando Aballi Fundor and Rehino, founders of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba, the foremost state-sponsored troupe in both Cuba and abroad, performing Afro-Cuban traditional dance and music. He also studied with percussionists Millan Gali Rivery from Santiago de Cuba, on the eastern part of the island, and Octavio Rodriguez from Havana.
1994. Performed with saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith's band as a saxophonist and percussionist. Later this year Haynes formed his band Grupo Elegua and first performed at the Battersea Arts Canter and the Jazz Cafe.
In 1995 Haynes went to New York and spent some time studying and playing with Felipe Villamil and his group Emikeke. This legendary ensemble had been founded in the 1950s in the town of Matanza, which is considered the cradle of Afro-Cuban traditions.
During this time in the Big Apple Haynes further developed his musicianship by participating in jam sessions in Manhattan and Brooklyn, as well as performing Quartet gigs around New York City.
Grupo Elegua records three albums and gigs around the UK.
1998 Haynes tours Nigeria with British R&B star Caron Wheeler.
2002-2003 Haynes tours Europe repeatedly with Nigerian musician Keziah Jones as percussionist and saxophone player.

Kevin Haynes on recording sessions.

1989 Ed Jones's the homecoming on Acid Jazz Steve Wiliamson 'A Waltz for Grace' on Verve Records.
1990 - David Jaen-Baptist 'Grooving on a Four'
1994 - Vaughan Hawthorne's the Gift. TLM Records.
Wiliam Cumberbache 's Tumbaito Otros tiempos on Viceroy Records
1997 - Alan Weeks music on Japanese Records.
1998 - Neil Sparks. Interchil Records
2000 - Kevin Haynes Recordings. One track from a compilation LP from Jazz on CD magazine, titled 'Takin Off' track name - 'Walking in the Right'.
1995 - Haynes recorded a compilation track for EMI records titled 'Do The Bar Thing', track name - 'Bebopper'.
1997 Haynes recorded Grupo Elegua's first album 'Tomorrows Path' with Native Music Records.
2001 - Haynes recorded a Yoruba Folkloric music LP entitled 'Iwori Osa' on Oduniyi Records.
2002. Ori Ire is released by Oduniyi Records

Performing & Musical Education.  

. North London College a City & Guilds Performing Arts course in drama dance music.
1988- 89. Kingsway College for music theory courses
1988-89. Began saxophone classes at Islington Arts Community Center.

Haynes the Dancer.

1986-90. Oshumare Brazilian Folkloric theater company, Afro International a Dance company performing music & dance from Ghana and Nigeria
1991-92. Dance Company 7, Afro Caribbean and contemporary dance








Grupo Elegua live at the National Theatre
London 2002


Kevin Haynes & Nigerian guitarist Fatai, performing at the French Cultural Center in Lagos December 2003

Kevin Haynes and Nigerian Bata master drummer Rabiu Anyadukan

Kevin & legendary Cuban Anya drummer
Felipe Villamil

Kevin and legendary Cuban Orisha singer
the late Amelia Pedroso, Ibae!

Kevin with American Jazz drummer the lateClifford Jarvis, Ibae!

Haynes with some of the UK's leading saxophone players: Jason Yard, Dennis Baptist, Brian Edwards
Kevin Haynes & Kaziah Jones
at the French Cultural Center in Lagos